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China-Related Cross-Border Family Matters (Marriage and Succession)
China-Related Cross-Border Family Matters (Marriage and Succession)

How Do I Get Money From My Deceased Parent’s Bank Account in China?

You should first determine whether you are the heir to the money in the bank account of your deceased parent. If you have an inheritance right to the money, you can ask the bank to pay the part inherited by you.

What Do You Do With the House in a Divorce in China?

If you and your spouse need to divide a house at divorce, there are three ways: (1) one party gets the house and the other gets cash; (2) both parties get cash; (3) the two parties share the house on a pro rata basis.

4 Tips on How Is Property Divided in a Divorce in China

The husband and wife may negotiate to determine the property division plan.

If there is no property division agreement, the personal property remains the property of that spouse alone and the marital property may be split 50/50 between the couple.