China-based Cross-border Family Matters Services, including Marriage and Succession.


Service on Cross-Border Family Matters

We specialize in China-based cross-border family matters services, including marriage and succession.

If you have the following problems in marriage and succession matters related to China, we can help you deal with them.

In the case of matrimonial matters:

  • Disposal of divorce property located in China
  • Divorce by agreement or litigation in China
  • Settlement of disputes over child custody and maintenance
  • Settlement of cohabitation disputes
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign divorce judgments in China

In the case of succession/inheritance matters:

  • Disposal of inherited assets located in China
  • Execution of wills or acting as an administrator of estates in China
  • Notarization of wills, inheritance rights, and inheritance distribution agreements in China to prevent inheritance disputes
  • Settlement of inheritance disputes
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign inheritance judgments in China

Do you need support in Cross-border Family Matters(Marriage and Succession)?

CJO Family's team can provide you with China-based consulting service, including case assessment and management, background check, and debt collection (‘Last Mile’ Service). If you encounter any problems in Cross-border Family Matters, or if you wish to share your story, you can contact our Client Manager Julia Yuan (

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