China-based Cross-border Family Matters Services, including Marriage and Succession.
About CJO Family

About CJO Family

CJO Family is operated by Beijing Yu Du Consulting Co., Ltd ( ‘Yu Du Consulting’).

Yu Du Consulting is committed to providing consulting services in China-based cross-border family matters services, including marriage and succession.

Although the Chinese judicial system has become quite transparent and predictable in the civil and commercial field, due to cultural and language barriers, it remains a major challenge for companies and individuals around the world to resolve disputes under this system. Our team of experienced experts can bridge the cultural, language, and legal information gap.

In fact, since 2018, our founders Du Guodong and Yu Meng have established ‘China Justice Observer’(CJO), an English-language legal media outlet, in order to present the global audience with knowledge and information about the Chinese judicial system, especially in the field of civil and commercial dispute resolution. Our main goal is to make it less difficult for everyone to seek dispute resolution in China.

Now, in addition to this legal media, we have established ‘CJO Family’ to provide our clients with consulting services for family matters (marriage and succession) in China.

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Our services comprise (1) Case Assessment, (2) Case Management, (3) Background Check, and (4) Debt Collection (‘Last Mile’ Service).

1.Case Evaluation

In the event of your China-related family matter, we can provide you with advice, including but not limited to:

a) Identifying and understanding the issues and facts of the case so that you can determine an effective response;

b) Evaluating the possible claims and conducting cost/benefit analyses so that you can effectively manage case strategies, and

c) Assessing and making use of a variety of dispute resolution options, such as issuing letters/complaints, negotiations, mediation, arbitration, litigation, etc. so that you can make reasonable choices.

2.Case Management

If you need to conduct litigation, arbitration, or mediation in China, we can carry out the following tasks on your behalf, including but not limited to:

a) Finding and engaging local lawyers, arbitrators, and mediators in China on your behalf;

b) Arranging Chinese lawyers to handle cases in accordance with our standardized case management process to ensure consistent case quality;

c) Communicating with you in a timely and accurate manner to compensate for the lack of experience of local lawyers, arbitrators, and mediators in providing cross-border legal services.

3.Background Check

If you wish to conduct a background check on the marital property or inheritable property, we can provide different sorts of investigation and verification services.

4.Debt Collection

Debt Collection is also called ‘Last Mile’ Service.

We can assist our clients to the property divided in the divorce or inheritance from individuals or businesses who are legally bound to provide through negotiation, arbitration and litigation procedures, and/or through recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.