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What Is the Law of Inheritance in China?

China used to have Inheritance Law (Law on Succession). However, after the promulgation of the Civil Code in 2020, China has only the “Book VI Succession” in the Civil Code. In other words, the inheritance law became a part of the civil code.

How Does Inheritance Work in China?

During the lifetime, one can specify in the will who inherits his/her house and other heritage. If the person has no will, the decedent’s children, spouse, parents, siblings, paternal grandparents, and maternal grandparents may inherit his/her estate.

How Do I Get Money From My Deceased Parent’s Bank Account in China?

You should first determine whether you are the heir to the money in the bank account of your deceased parent. If you have an inheritance right to the money, you can ask the bank to pay the part inherited by you.